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Climate control is a very demanding market with diverse operating conditions, custom performance expectations and bottom-line accountability. An efficient climate control air compressor is essential for ensuring that an HVAC system produces clean, dry, low-oil (<2 ppm) air. Quincy Compressor offers complete climate control compressor systems that can meet your unique air system demands, regardless of your industry or application.

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Quincy Climate Control Key Features

Indoor air quality is a growing concern in many industrial, commercial, education and retail environments. A high-performing air compressor is crucial for enabling a building’s HVAC system to produce clean, dry, oil-free air.

Quincy Compressor is your headquarters for reliable, efficient compressed air equipment that can fulfill your building’s climate control requirements. Trust our more than 100 years of compressed air equipment expertise to deliver the best solution for your business.

Our HVAC air compressors are available in base-mount and tank-mount options. Examples of the many standard features include:

  • Bearing-supported counter-weighted crankshaft that ensures precise alignment and a smooth operation.
  • High-tech computer-aided design that increases efficiency and delivers more cfm per kilowatt input.
  • Cast-iron cylinders with deep cooling to optimize performance and maximize the equipment’s life span.
  • Slotted bedplate mounting to simplify motor and belt adjustments.
  • OSHA-compliant metal belt guards to ensure safe compressor operation.

A Quincy Compressor climate control air compressor can help to improve air quality in all types of structures, including manufacturing plants, distribution centers, office buildings, retail stores, schools and many others.

Climate Control Compressors Feature Solid Construction and Reliable Performance

Every Quincy Compressor climate control product features a rugged design and construction to withstand the rigors of challenging operating conditions. We custom-engineer every air treatment component to optimize effectiveness and efficiency and meet your unique system demands. You can feel confident that your compressor will eliminate contaminants before they reach your HVAC unit’s controls.

Enhance your system’s performance by adding the refrigerated air dryer option. Our powerful dryers help remove moisture from compressed air, preventing wear, rust and frozen pipes that can damage HVAC controls.

Climate Control Simplex Splash Lube Technical Specs

Model  HP RPM CRM @80 PSIG Unit Shipping Weight (lbs)
QC005BBS 0.50 357 4.40 160
QC007BBS 0.75 357 4.40 160
QC010BBS 1.00 450 5.00 160
QC015BBS 1.50 596 6.50 160
QC020BBS 2.00 420 8.60 309
QC030BBS 3.00 630 13.00 314
QC050BBS 5.00 692 18.20 360
QC075BBS 7.50 775 31.00 568
QC100BBS 10.00 731 41.20 675
QC151BBS 15.00 950 56.00 750

Maintain HVAC Air Compressors With Genuine Quincy Parts and Fluids

Even a long-lasting Quincy air compressor requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently and reduce the risk of mechanical failures. We’ve designed our climate control compressors to ensure easy access to all essential parts and components, making service a breeze.

You can order all the parts and fluids you’ll need to maintain your compressors online at your convenience. Our network of authorized distributors is available 24 hours a day to handle routine and emergency repairs and meet your other service requirements promptly.

Warranty Coverage for Your Quincy Climate Control Air Compressor

At Quincy Compressor, we have adhered to the highest standards for quality, performance and durability since our founding in 1920. We manufacture all our compressors in the USA in a tightly monitored and controlled environment. You can purchase any Quincy Compressor product with complete confidence.

Our HVAC air compressors also come with warranty protection, giving you extra assurance that the equipment will perform well and deliver long-lasting results. Your Quincy Compressor distributor can discuss your warranty options and help you choose the best coverage for your situation.

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Discover how a high-performing HVAC air compressor from Quincy Compressor can contribute to better air quality in your manufacturing or commercial facility. Find the distributor near you or learn more about our line of reciprocating/piston air compressors.