QSV Vacuum Technology for Tough Applications

The QSV variable drive vacuum pump has been designed to deliver the exact performance you demand, at the minimum possible life cycle cost. As a result, it is ideal for applications where you need to maintain a set vacuum level (a set point).

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Quincy QSV Vacuum Pump Key Features

Rotary screw vacuum systems have become one of the most frequently used technologies in industrial vacuum pump operations. These applications require the most durable and efficient systems, like the Quincy QSV, that withstand the demanding pressures of the most intense working environments. There are many compelling reasons to consider the Quincy QSV series vacuum pump for your operation, including:

  • Efficiency: The Quincy QSV is more efficient than other rotary screw pumps, consistently outperforming industry standards for input horsepower.
  • Life cycle: QSV vacuum pumps contain compressor duty bearings in a compressor service air end. This feature results in extended product life and lower maintenance costs.
  • 控制: The modulating inlet valve offers dual functions to protect the site vacuum level and save significant energy.
  • Packaging: The QSV vacuum pump packages come standard with complete electricals, base frame, filtration and controls. Starting the pump is as easy as connecting it to the system and plugging it in.

Common applications include:

  • Holding, moving and lifting applications: These include pneumatic conveying, printing and bookbinding, electronics pick-and-place, general packaging and woodworking.
  • Preserving applications: Examples include vacuum sealing meats and other food products, freeze-drying, canning and modified atmosphere packaging.
  • Shaping and forming applications: These operations cover glass forming, plastic molding and packaging materials production.
  • Sanitary applications: Our QSV vacuum pumps are critical for operations demanding a clean working environment, including heat treatment and metallurgy and altitude simulation.

Quincy QSV Performance

The QSV pump system comes with compressor-grade bearings outside the pumping chamber, ensuring maximum reliability, reducing downtime and keeping mechanical failures to a minimum. With a much longer pump life than vane pumps and screw compressors, the QSV’s engineering delivers consistent durability.

At the core of our QSV vacuum pump is a state-of-the-art AirLogic® monitoring system. AirLogic® is an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling the unit’s operating status, recording running times and performing the necessary maintenance services. Putting these advanced controls at your fingertips lets AirLogic® improve your operation’s overall performance, efficiency and safety.

You can also add the optional intelligent monitoring system for data logging, remote control functionality and advanced integration with your existing management systems.

Maintaining QSV With Quincy’s Genuine Parts and Lubricants

We design our QSV vacuum pumps with reduced costs and faster service in mind. Detachable panels and hinged doors provide easy access to consumables for quick servicing. An easy-to-reach release valve allows oil sampling during operation.

At Quincy Compressor, we supply genuine parts and fluids to cover all your maintenance needs. Our high-performance parts minimize your equipment’s downtime while keeping your machine in peak running condition longer. The QSV’s easy maintenance keeps your labor costs at a minimum while saving valuable time.

Quincy QSV Vacuum Pump Warranty

Quincy Compressor has been one of the world’s leading compressed air equipment manufacturers since 1920. We back our superior products with superior customer service, technical expertise and the industry’s best warranties.

Quincy QSV vacuum pumps come with our ten-year Royal Blue warranty covering the system’s core components. Activating the warranty is simple — register the unit at startup, collect a sample of the fluids and use only genuine Quincy products for maintenance.

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